Wedding Gown for You

The wedding day is a new beginning for the beautiful future ahead. You have to look your best on your special day. A saree and lehenga are easy to pick and wear. They are easy to manipulate and wear the way it best suits your body type. You have varied colour in saree and lehenga but a wedding gown is either white or ivory. The shape and material of the dress play an essential role to look breathtaking. Understanding your body type is pivotal in finding the perfect dress.

Women with fuller hips or pear-shaped go for an A-line gown. A wedding gown with few layers of fabric will disguise the fuller hips resulting in a fake hourglass figure. Wedding gown with natural waist and a flowy skirt are ideal for pear-shaped ladies. Highlight the narrowness of the midsection with the natural waist. The fabric is significant for pear-shaped women, satin or taffeta would do.

Apple shaped women be mindful and buy a dress that cinches in smallest point of your waist and flows. That deep v-neckline is your new best friend. Moves the eye vertically than horizontally.

If you’re tall, accentuate your body as possible. The lower waistline and flowing hemlines appreciate your tall figure. Make sure that you have enough fabric in your wedding gown, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a borrowed gown. Keep it simple, since you are tall the extras in your gown might come off cute than elegant.

Petite figure ladies chose a gown with waistline slightly higher than your natural waistline. What it does is, it elongates your legs making you look taller. Please stay away from anything poufy, you will get lost in all those fabric.

Bustier ladies neckline is the key, a slight dip sweetheart neckline will open up your face. Nothing sheer, sheer adds more volume to your bust. A ruched or texture bodice will make a small chested ladies look fuller. A padded bodice is a nice trick for a strapless dress.

A gown with waistline starting just under the bust is the perfect wedding gown for plus size ladies. Just under the bust not higher and a flowy bottom that follows your shape.

These are a few tricks by Designers Hub to choose the wedding gown. We truly believe that a smile is the best dress you could wear on your special day. Wear the wedding gown that makes you happy, instantly you know that you have found your wedding gown.


Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet