The unsolved issue: Plus size clothing

It is a real struggle to shop for plus size ready to wear clothes for both men and women in India. Most plus size person is pushed to tailor a dress to fit them. Earlier in one of the articles, I have discussed briefly the clothing option available for plus size men/women. It is still a controversial issue in India that has never been solved. Most reputed brands carry the tag ‘Made in India’ but the designers have neglected to accept the fact that India does have a considerable number of plus size men/women.

Believe it or not getting clothes tailored is too much of a hassle than you might think. It is tedious to find the right material and accessories to get it stitched. Some designers do all the shopping and stitching. Either way, a custom clothing process takes a lot of time to reproduce. You have to wait for the end product to know how actually the dress looks on you. The whole process creates a tension. With readymade clothes, you have a choice either to buy or not. For a custom garment, you have already invested money without knowing the end product.

Tailoring a dress that looks like a readymade garment is quite expensive. Tailoring a design for occasions is fine, but spending loads just to wear clothes everyday swallows a large sum of the fortune. Not everybody could afford tailored clothes for daily wear. We do see boutiques especially for plus size women/men and they tend to waiver from the path they started. You can see subsequent fall in the initial idea of an exclusive store for special size. The cost to produce the clothes for small demographic doesn’t equate with the sale. The pathetic thing is not being able to try on clothes to buy them. Some brands do have a plus size brand online store but not instore. I have heard people being disappointed by the failed attempt to try on plus size clothes in store.

I recently saw a reputed denim brand(the one I shall not mention) have plus size in other countries except India. A woman’s body tends to change with age. It intolerable to see brands set limits for healthy women/men. Clothing is our choice, not the brand. The mere thought of discussing the plus size clothing issue is not right. Designers Hub has very talented designers who are experts in plus size clothing. Our designers will soon be featuring affordable plus size clothes in DH online store. Don’t you worry, trust DH.


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