Staying fit and eating clean can be easy

Staying fit and eating clean can be easy

Remember? the New Year resolution to stay fit and eat healthily. It is not easy to exercise and eat right every single day. The first few weeks, we might feel all pumped up and follow every single regime of a healthy lifestyle. After few days you might feel exhausted or lose interest slowly. Working past these hurdle towards a healthy lifestyle is a humongous task. Lend your ears to Designers Hub’s top five tricks to attain a healthy lifestyle.

Workout buddy

Try working out with a friend or a partner. It is hard to stay motivated everyday. This way if one feels down the other would motivate to work out. Keep pushing one another to stay healthy. Sharing pictures of your clean meal in social media might motivate one another to eat right and be mindful of calories.

Fitness app/tracker

If you like working out alone or don’t have a fitness partner, buy a good fitness tracker. Fitness tracker automatically tracks all your physical activity. It even tracks your sleep pattern. Jawbone Up2 and Fitbit are most popularly purchased wearable fitness monitor. I know some don’t believe in the fitness tracker, by all means, download a fitness app. In fitness app, you will have to log in manually all your physical activity and food. This way you can calorie count and exercise regularly. Fitness pal is the most popular app for calorie and fitness calculator.

Portion control

Limit the amount of food you eat. Changing diet overnight is not possible. Portion control is the place to start. Eat six smaller meals than three big meals. This way you won’t feel hungry in between meals. You tend to eat more when you’re hungry. The idea is not to stay hungry longer.

When dining out, share a dessert if possible. Now you won’t end up eating a whole slice of chocolate cake. Yet you will feel complete.

Small plate/bowl

Eat in a smaller plate or bowl. Manipulating your mind is important when your dieting. If you’re having a salad eat in a big bowl, more greens are not going to hurt you. Eating pasta, rice or any carb eat on a small plate. You will feel empty if you eat small portion in a big plate, you will end up having a second serve.

Healthy food reachable

Hide all unhealthy and fat loaded food at the far corner of shelf and refrigerator. Keep fruits and vegetables more accessible. Make sure that it is the first thing you see when you’re hungry. This way you can suffice your hunger with clean food.

Stay fit and eating clean is all a mind game. After a while, it will become a habit and you will start eating healthy.


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