Why size is still a controversial issue?

If you are women the article you’re about to read is going to be the same questions arising in your mind every single day. For men, it could be either something new or bored of hearing it over and over again. Reason for repetition is the one controversial issue going on for years without any solution. There is no other way to say it other than ‘size of women’. It is unsettling to see women always being associated with beauty and appearance. Sometimes the pressure of looking beautiful catches up to them. Feeling saturated and go to work with no makeup and some comfortable clothes, you will most definitely be shot with some questions. Are you ok? Are you sick? I bet you want to scream ‘I didn’t feel like wearing kajal and concealer.’

It is always a struggle to find the clothes that fit and makes women feel good. Most brands don’t carry clothes more than size 12. There is always a design difference from regular to plus size. Most plus size ladies in India wear saree or tailored salwar suit. It is not their first choice. It is merely what they could get in their size. Of course plus size ladies in India want to feel the comfort of jeans and tunic. Indian women are ready to spend their money for clothes that actually fit with zero option left to shop for. Even though the tailored dresses are one of a kind, they miss out an opportunity to shop and try on dresses. This actually leads to low self-esteem. France is the first country to ban zero size models. They did understand the evil effects of body dysmorphia. Mental health, anorexia and bulimia are real issues that are caused by the peer pressure of trying to fit in and please people with one’s appearance. Who set the ground rule for the way women should look?

A woman’s body goes through a lot and evolves over the area. The fashion industry is doing nothing about it. They create beautiful designs but not all. It great to see Kardashians creating jeans that are for women of all shape and sizes. No women should be left out for not able to shop at a regular clothing store. Kardashians are featuring their clothing line in the regular section. Someone has to start it. Every outfit should make women feel good. Take a step back and see, for centuries women have been the best rulers and politicians. Women are changing the world for good. It is time to see past their appearance and seek for their achievements. Designers Hub appreciates and supports all our women in the fashion industry.


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