Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are totally a matter of interest either you hate it or love it. Solids are pretty cool in all the seasons but there are certain prints and patterns that bloom in the market and we end

up buying them out of choice or for the sake of trend.

There are ways to ace the patterns especially when you are intimidated by them


Hide and Seek

If you are a first-timer start small and layer up, You can wear them under a bomber jacket, a 

denim jacket, even under a suit. It could even be a necktie or a solid shirt with miniature prints.



Horizontal Stripes

A horizontal stripe can make you look shorter and wider. If you’re really tall you can camouflage your height with stripes. Not to forget horizontal lines gives you the curves you always wanted. 






Vertical stripes

You can be tall and lean in an instant with vertical stripes. Skinny railroad stripes portray a slim

and lengthy image. Summer body is not so difficult when dressed in patterns. Choose the right pattern and create amazing illusions!


Step out of your comfort zone a little bit and think couture. A print or a pattern with a story behind is always an icing on a cake. Be your authentic self and bring your culture because fashion is all about being visible!





Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet