How to find the Genuine Kanchipuram Silk Saree

Though there are many varieties of silk sarees Kanchipuram saree remains a hot trend in wedding seasons. The love for silk saree has created a huge demand, with demand also raises faux products but don’t worry we have got a few tricks to find the genuineness.

Ring test

For this test,  you will have to wear a ring. Invert the pallu and run your fingers over the saree smoothly. A Kanchipuram silk is weaved so well that your ring will not get caught between the threads

Lose thread test

Take a thread from Saree pallu knots/ kachu / kunjam and tease it with your fingernails if it is original silk you will be able to see a silver thread. Consider it not original if it happens to be white.

Contrast Zari

 You can also determine the originality based on the colour of zari. Traditionally Kanchipuram silk saree has a contrast border which its unique benchmark.

Silk Mark label

Silk mark label is awarded only Kanchipuram silk sarees, when you are shopping always look for silk mark label.

Burn test

This test is not completely practical yet can be done if we own the product already! Take a few threads and burn then you should be able to see ash, in the end, this marks originality and it will smell like burnt hair. The fake product will flare up and leave no ashes behind.

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Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet