Gifts for a Fashionista

Gifting someone is always a nerve-racking experience. Don’t get me wrong, we love to make others happy but it is not always easy to select the right gift. Will it be useful or will they like it? These are the top two questions that keep going round and round. Let alone anybody, but gifting someone who loves fashion is the hardest. You know what direction to go for the gift but will they like your gift. Stop hitting your brain so hard. After a long research with our fellow fashionistas, Designers Hub has a list of gift ideas for your favourite fashionista.

The very safe bet for gifting a fashion lover is a handbag. You have varied options and you don’t need any measurements to get the right size of the bag. For a techie buy a sleek faux leather laptop bag. A sling bag is great for millennials. Still not sure, buy a tote. A tote is suitable for all age women.

Nothing can make women happier than a little bit of jewellery. Go through some of the old pictures and try to find if she likes dainty or statement jewellery. Jewellery can be personalized with initials and engravings.

Lipstick is a little bit tricky. But a single bullet of lipstick can make your fashionista happy. If you have no clue about lipstick, you can always ask the salesperson for help. Show her picture and let them pick the colour that best suits her. Again go through all the photos and see if she wear bright, dark or light lipstick shade.

Mobile case
Believe it or not, Mobile case is part of fashion now. Buy few mobile cases of varied colour, pattern and texture. Now your fashionista can change mobile case that matches her outfit.

A beautiful scarf is a great option. Again it gives her more options to pair it with. Go for crazy colour and print. If she is more of on the elegant side, buy a beautiful silk scarf.

Make your fashionista happy with these gifts. We always go an extra mile to make our loved ones happy. Designers Hub is always happy to help.


Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet