Expression of your inner being:the surplus surprises of style

Style is a term that has been intertwined with fashion through eons of civilization. It ranges from being colloquially used by normal souls trying to discover their choice of dressing or fashion icons trying to exhibit the best of what they are on fashion ramps.

Style is basically expressing yourself through what you wear. It is something that is so beautifully internalized like your signature. It is unique, an outward manifestation of your thoughts and what you perceive of the world around you.

But by the way, let’s also understand the workings of the other twin of style, fashion. Fashion is what we largely understand from the outside world, the trends that rule the fashion market or simply any outfit that would put us in focus and in sync with the current status quo of dressing and the art of accessories. But the compass in terms of fashion and how people chose their preferred outfit ranges from the choice of comfort to just trying to follow what will make you famous around the set of people you mingle with forcing you to be someone you are not.

Why is this detrimental?

Anything that forces you to be something that you are not forces a certain body image into you. This serves as one of the main factors for the harmful aspects of body shaming where not fitting into a current trend of fashion due to either body type or monetary issues makes you have a negative impact on your being and the process of self actualization is grossly stunted.

A welcoming change that was noted was there are many stores that have included plus size as well as extremely small options on all clothing to reinforce the fact that beauty comes in all shades and sizes.

There are also actors who have realized the importance of individuality and advised all people alike to embrace their choices and mould it the best way possible rather than lose creativity as well as the drive to experiment.

Style: the constant glittering star on the night sky

The importance of styling your way of dressing and expression to the best way possible from the resources available has joined the bandawagon.

The positivity out of being comfortable in the way you like it as well as being able to make like your preferences is a double treat that only style has to offer

A basic understanding of colors and patterns is all that is sufficient for us all to become stars in the field of styling.

Style brings you closer to your yourself and is always dynamic in shaping your future prospects and putting you on the path to bettering yourself and not on the swindling path of forever conforming to a particular fashion sense.

I think it’s all about truly, truly knowing yourself, loving yourself – not just modifying, covering flaws, etc. – but loving yourself exactly the way you are right now – and dressing to honour that.


Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet