Essential you can find in a South Indian women’s vanity

Being a south Indian traditional jewellery is an essential in an Indian women’s vanity. Be it precious jewellery or imitation a set of traditional jewellery never goes out of style. Like saree being a versatile garment, traditional jewellery is one such piece to add to your versatile collection. To know more keep reading the article, I will be discussing the now-famous jewellery and the jewellery that made a comeback.

Maanga maalai and kaasu maalai

is just enough for your jewellery collection. The

jewellery speaks for itself. It carries so much tradition, class, rich and beauty. If you like to look simple yet grandeur, go for one of this maalai with a simple Jhumka or earring.


Most of us would already have various version of

Jhumka. Jhumka does come in various size and finishes. So it is easier to find the suitable size of Jhumka for your face. The most popular one is antique Jhumkas with kemp stone. Even though it is a kemp stone it goes well with most dresses and sure can be paired with maanga or kaasu maalai.

Still want to go simple without feeling naked, invest in a good


. Now you get the interchangeable pendant model. You can match it with your outfit. It is suitable for saree and salwar suit. The simplicity of an Atigai is the plus for both looks.

The necklace

is quite simple yet little glamourous than an Atigai. Necklace with precious stones or plain gold, a necklace just instantly elevates the look. A simple necklace is elegant for a salwar suit and a gaudy necklace goes really well with a saree.

A pair of gold bangles

is a must. It is pretty straightforward, bangle can be paired with maalai, Jhumka and Atigai. Again it is suitable for salwar suit and saree.

DH list of traditional jewellery is merely essentials, there are multitude of traditional jewellery designs. Choose the right one for you. Jewellery designers are coming up with beautiful contemporary and fusion designs which are in trend now. For daily or workplace wear most jewellers have a separate section for daily wear. Designers Hub is all about the traditional and western look. Tradition is something really close to every single person associated with Designers Hub. DH will continuously feature traditional fashion for all ethnic fashion lovers.


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