Don’t just buy an outfit, style it!

Styling an outfit is the key to pull off any piece of garment. Not every visit to the shopping mall is for shopping. It is either for food, movie or for window shopping. Window shopping the best way to kill time. Before the ages of the internet, window shopping was also one of the main sources to know all the cool trends in fashion industry. In magazine and television, we see the parade of models rocking all the outfits. But trying out the outfits with all the accessories gives you an idea of what works for you and how you could manipulate the outfit to best suit you.

Of course, the mannequins can pull off all the outfit. Mannequins are size zero. The same outfit and accessories might not fit the way it looks on the mannequins. If you are not in a mood to shop, who am I kidding? Still your not in a mood to shop, go adventurous and try on something totally different than you wear. You might be in for a surprise. You never know until you try it. Try the outfit with the same jewellery and shoes. If the combination seems to be devoid of your style, change and see if you can make it work for you.

Western outfits can be both elegant and expensive. Indian outfit is quite difficult to marry elegant and expensive. If you are from south India, you probably know what I am talking about. You are expected to wear all the precious jewellery just to show off the wealth. The styling totally gets lost. Try to be mindful of the saree and jewellery you pair it with. Wear accessories that compliment you and the dress. For a simple saree, you can layer two or three neckpieces. Two is perfect and three is maximum. If the saree is grand beautiful, try keeping the jewellery minimal. A simple necklace, earring and bangles would do. While buying a saree, decide on the jewellery too. See if the saree you’re going buy can be paired with the jewellery you have.

The same principle applies for western outfit too. Decide on the jewellery and footwear while buying the western wear. That way you can avoid confusion while styling it. After multiple hits and misses, you will definitely have your style. Stick to your style and try to work any outfit to your style. Visit Designers Hub online store and buy your style. Make sure to share your style with us.


Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet