Denim Love: How to Care for Denim

Love for denim never dies. It’s a cool outfit for a casual day and turns festive when paired with accessories but are we caring it as much we love it. Here are a few tips to care for your denim a little special!

Be Hydrophobic

Your denim doesn’t need washing as much as your other apparels. Strictly avoid washing it for the first three months after buy. Always try to use underarm sweat pad for denim coats this saves a wash. Unwashed denim ages like wine, just perfect for your party!

Tidy up

If you have soiled it go for spot cleaning. Gently remove the dirt with a damp cloth. Freeze your denim when you can smell it this helps to remove the odour from your jeans.

Also, you can use this hack if you have got gum on your jeans. Once it is frozen it will fall off immediately.

Buckle up

Always zip up and put on the buttons before throwing into the wash. Avoid grabbing your pants by belt loops. Try to buy the right size of pants so that you can avoid wearing belts. Wearing a belt wears off your hip band and belt loops.


Happy denim counts for a stunning you! For more hacks and trends collaborate with us at designers hub.



Contents are written by Multiple writers from BrandTrumpet